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MLM Software Features

Our software is bundled with more then 200+ features, among them we are mentioning some special features here:

MLM Software Features
→ Complete Admin Panel → Complete Member Master
→ Staff Panel & Staff Master → Franchisee Master
→ E Wallet or Virtual Wallet System → E Commerce Integration
→ Joining Using E-PIN, Net Banking etc. → Welcome Letter, Invoice etc.
→ Multi Language Software → Chat System among members
→ Repurchase System → Investment System
→ Unlimited Joining, Unlimited Products → Member Block, Staff Permission
→ SSL Certificate (https://) → Payment Gateway
→ Genealogy / Tree View → Export to Excel Sheet
→ Database Back Up System → Member to Admin Messaging
→ TAX Calculation → USA Based Server
→ Member Photo upload option → News Publishing system
→ Email Alert → Automatic Closing & Payout
→ Business / Plan Setting from Admin → Report Search / Income Search
→ Balance Transfer and Report → Advertisement Management
→ Bank Transfer Request → Customer Feedback access module


  • Documents (Welcome letter, Receipt, Product delivery receipt, Identity proof documents).
  • Profile Management (View, Edit, Change Request, Document Upload, Photo Upload, Change password).
  • Registration form Wizard (with Process Indicator) which is a very vital feature of the Direct selling Software.
  • Genealogy & Network ( Recent Joining, Binary & generation Tree View, My Direct, My Downline & details of down line)
  • Animated Login panel.
  • E-Pins (Check E-Pin, Request E-Pin & related Reports)
  • Commission & Achievements (Commission Summery, TDS Summery, Award & Royalty Details).
  • All major updates on desktop itself: Total count/Award-Royalty status/Recent joining details/Spill detail/Direct details.
  • Notifications module, Refer a friend, Personalized Banner, Chatting Wall, Internal Messaging, Support Ticket System, Last Login Details & IP address tracking.
  • Membership Tracking based on numerous fields & criteria’s.
  • Membership Management including View & edit Profile, Renewal, Top-Up/Up gradation, Confirmation of Membership.
  • E-Pin Management that covers Create E-pin type, Generate E-Pins, Request management, Issue & Block E-pins & most important different Reports.
  • Payout / Commission Management Wizard of easy steps with the provision of settings for incomes percentage & levels, Undo/Confirm Payout, Multiple Payout Clubbing facility. Modest ways to issue commission through Bank Transfer, In E-Wallet or issuing Cheques.
  • Setting Management for direct selling software allows Admin to Create Roles & users, Updating Company Information, Change Genealogy icons, Localization (Date format, Currency, custom date-time) & many essential settings.
  • Web Management to accomplish News, Events, Photo Gallery, Video Gallery, Achiever List etc.
  • Our Software can be integrated with real time online shopping cart for selling of your products to registered distributors & for walk in customers (Your own Ecommerce portal for unlimited products).
  • E-wallet also known as Virtual wallet has the separate secured Login & Password method to use for the distributors.
  • With facility to transfer Amount to another members,Use amount to purchase E-pins and products make it more useful and meaningful.
  • Redemption Request & Approval management for amount transfer happens on a click of mouse.
  • Admin can set 'Minimum Encash Request Amount. A complete E-Wallet Ledger for every Distributor is maintained.

Features at a Glance:

Fully Dynamic Package:-

  • One registered Domain name for 1 year.
  • Unlimited Hosting for 1 year
  • Attractive Home page with sliding banner.
  • Online member registration form.
  • Member back office.
  • Admin Back office.
  • Unlimited extra pages like about us, business plan, contact us, etc
  • Integrated link of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Plus, etc

Admin Back office:

  • Announcement.
  • News Updation
  • Change Password
  • Plan Updation
    • Update Direct Income
    • Update Binary Pair Income
    • Change 1st Pair Value like (1:2 or 2:1)
    • Set 2nd Pair Value Like (1:1)
    • Set Daily or weekly Capping Pairs
  • e-Pin Generation
    • Generate e-pin (Plan wise separate e-pin)
    • View Generated e-Pin Reports
    • Transfer e-pin to Leader
    • Delete unused e-pin
    • e-Pin Checker
  • Member's Profile
    • View Member's profile
    • Update Member's Profile
    • Change Member Login Password
    • Change Member's Transaction Password
    • Member report
  • Member's Genealogy Report
    • View Summary
    • View Downline
    • View Tree
    • View Direct ID of Member's
  • Member's Commission Report
    • View Direct Income
    • View Binary Income
    • View All Income
    • View Member's Withdrew Amount
    • Accept Withdrew amount
  • Write a Mail Members

Member's Back office:

  • Company Announcement.
  • Welcome Page
  • Member's Profile
    • View profile
    • Update Profile
    • Change Login Password
    • Change Transaction Password
  • e-Wallet
    • Buy e-pin (Plan wise separate e-pin)
    • View Bought e-Pin Reports
    • Sale e-pin to Other Member
    • e-Pin Checker
  • Genealogy Report
    • View Summary
    • View Downline
    • View Tree
    • View All Direct ID
  • Commission Report
    • View Direct Income
    • View Binary Income
    • View All Income
    • Withdraw Amount
  • Mail Box (Conversation within Members)
    • Inbox Mail
    • Out Box Mail
    • Write New Mail
  • Support
    • Technical Support
    • Contact to Admin
    • FAQs